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Disclaimer: I'm not big into the Friend/Defriend drama. If I find that I'm not that interested in someone's posts and we aren't real life friends, I'll defriend without warning. If someone else defriends me and we're not real life friends, I'm not going to flip out. I may also add people without saying anything. Sometimes I like to just follow people's journals. It's because you're interesting to me. It's a compliment.

I am nerd, hear me pontificate.
or ramble, babble, drone on and on and on...

I am a Geek. I <3 computers, videogames, scifi, comic books, etc. And I am a software developer.

I also don't keep up with this bio. I'm currently updating it because at least 3 pieces of information are a year or more out of date. So whenever you read this it may or may not be accurate.

I'm in my early 30's, and artsy. I write poetry and prose, and sketch drawings, and take photographs. And lately I've taken to painting metal miniatures as well. So far it's been all fantasy stuff for D&D gaming. However lately I haven't had much time for that stuff.

I'm of the Nintendo generation (that's N.E.S.), and as a result, am very into video games. I especially like RPGs. I have currently hooked up in my house an Xbox 360, a PS3, a Wii, a regular Xbox, two PS2s, a GameCube, an N64, an N.E.S., and a Genesis Mark 3. Lately I've been on a real retro gaming kick, however, so I've been playing a lot of old computer adventure games and SNES/NES/PSOne era titles.

I'm also into Pencil and Paper RPG's, such as Dungeons and Dragons. My collection of 3.5 books has grown recently, and is over a dozen now. I'm currently in a D&D group that meets fairly regularly, and am running a D20 Post Apocalyptic game that meets less regularly (using Darwin's World setting). I also have the Red Dwarf RPG, TMNT and Other Strangeness, the West End Games Star Wars, Battletech/Citytech, and most of the Turtles books, and lots of other Palladium games (despite the horrid system).

I own a black tom cat, or moggie as my mum calls him. I've always been an animal person, growing up in a house that always had at least one dog. I would have been a vet if it weren't for my allergies. I'm pretty much allergic to anything that has hair or pollen. I've also merged families with my wife, as she brought her two cats into my home. We are one big happy family.

I spend most of my free time with my wife, angels_ember, and our 3 cats. We actually met here, on LJ, when I posted a few comments at people's journals, simply looking for some new friends when I moved. And things just went wild from there.

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