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Mario Fail

I couldn't stop watching this this morning.


Nudity Bug

As I come close to the end of my fiftieth hour of Dragon Age, I discovered a pretty sweet bug. My characters disguised themselves and sneaked into the dungeon of an enemy. When we were discovered they all changed back into their regular armor, except my thief, who stripped down to her skivvies. I looked at her stats and she had a -1 strength penalty, preventing her from putting any of her armor on. Since my characters were moving slowly, I assumed it was poison. However, after the battle ended, and she was covered in blood, I could still not equip any armor. Looking more closely I realized I had equipped a ring to give +3 cunning and -1 strength. Taking the ring off I was able to reequip everything, and then put the ring back on. Good times.

Mega Man 9 and the art of 8-bit Gaming

Ever since it was announced a couple of years ago, I was interested in Mega Man 9. It hearkened back to my youth. Mega Man 2 and 3 were perhaps the best games we owned on Nintendo, and two of the first games that I played through to completion. However, when it came out I kept hearing reviews say "it's really difficult." This scared me off, as I don't usually enjoy games that are hard for the sake of being hard.

Recently, however, a friend suggested I play it. I had mentioned that I dusted off the "Mega Man Collection" disc that I had (including games 1-8) and that led into the discussion of 9. So I went home and bought it for the Wii, thinking the "classic controller" would be best suited to playing.

One thing that struck me immediately was that I didn't think any of the robot masters were horribly silly. Part of why I didn't play the fourth game back in the day was because of bosses like Skull Man, Dust Man, and Pharaoh Man. Sure, 3 had Top Man, and 9 has Hornet Man, but for some reason they don't seem as silly to me. The other reason I didn't like 4 was the ability to power up the Mega Buster - something which is also missing from 9.

After surveying the list of Robot Masters, I picked the one I thought would be easiest to beat without special weapons - for those who don't know, in the Mega Man games you pick the order you fight the bosses, and when you beat them you get their power as a limited use special weapon - Galaxy Man. Yes, I know it sounds silly, and he even looks silly, but it didn't bother me at the time. And soon I was getting into the game. I was able to play through the stage and beat Galaxy Man on my last life - just the right amount of difficulty.

But then I didn't know where to go. I tried a few stages and got brutally destroyed. So I looked up a guide to see what weapons worked best on which Robot Masters, to determine a pecking order. And as I played through the next stage, dying repeatedly as unexpected things popped out at me, I remembered something about those NES games that I had completely forgotten - you're expected to die. More specifically, a lot of games were designed such that you couldn't beat them on your first try. You had to keep playing to learn how the levels were laid out, where enemies would pop up, and what patterns existed for bosses. In most modern games if you die it means game over, and you have to reload a save file. In older games it means you (hopefully) learned a lesson, and next time you should be able to avoid it.

So with that mindset, I started to enjoy the difficulty of the game because I could see myself learning the strategies needed to get past the next obstacle. So while it was difficult, it was a difficulty that made the game more enjoyable for me.

Except for those damned elephants. That's just sadistic.

The 8 Robot MastersCollapse )

Friday - Finally

This week has been kind of long (as have all of them lately). I'm hoping the fact that I don't really have anything planned this weekend means I'll actually be able to sleep in. Or go to bed early and sleep a little bit in. Maybe?

Anyway, this really made me laugh so I thought I'd share.

This is how I've felt since January


Worst thing about a cordless drill: when the batteries are dead, you can't use it. To alleviate this problem I keep one battery plugged into the charger at all times. Unfortunately the charger was unplugged a couple of weeks ago and no one plugged it back in. Damn.

Just spent an hour on speaker replacement in my car. Only did about half of the job, because of the drill. Now I need to repair my Xbox 360, but of course, I need the drill. Wish I would have taken care of the drilling step when I took it apart the other night.

Guess it might be time to buy a corded drill. (I hate cordless anyway).

Letter Meme

It's taken about a week to post this, but "K" is a tough letter. So here are ten things I like starting with "K", in no particular order.

1. Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, for their creation of the TMNT.

2. Kitty Pryde

3. King Arthur and the legends surrounding him.

4. Koothrappali, Rajesh Phd., as played by Kunal Nayyar (also a K) on The Big Bang Theory.

5. Khaaaaaaaaaan! Both the second Star Trek film and shouting the phrease.

6. Krypto, Superman's super dog.

7. The Kurgan from Highlander.

8. Krusty the Clown

9. Koopa Troopas

10. Killer Croc

This is so wrong

Especially when you consider it's specifically for women!

It's safe for work, but doesn't seem like it should be...

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